• Easy to use just one button

  • Great taste award-winning

  • Instant profit boosting

  • 7 seconds to serve

  • Simple & quick matinenance

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  • Daily cleaning in just 5 minutes

    The Portobello is a crowd-pleaser and even easier to clean. We’re talking minutes instead of hours, 5 steps is all it takes.

  • Extra long shelf-life

    Each capsule is pre-filled and hygienically sealed. The capsules have a 12 month shelf life, not that they’ll hang around for that long!

  • 24/7 always on

    With the Portobello, fwip can diagnose and repair over 85% of any issues remotely, which means you’re up and running again in minutes, not days.

  • 200 degree swivel base

    The flexible Portobello features our innovative "Swivel & Serve'' base, meaning it can sit & shine front of house. Rotating 200 degrees, the ice cream can be staff-served or self-served.

  • Built-in waste collection

    The Portobello has a built-in waste collection designed to collect up to 12 capsules before it needs to be emptied. Perfect to keep your space clean and tidy.

  • Premium fwip freezer

    Holding over 126 capsules, the fwip branded freezer is the perfect partner for the Portobello. With 50mm of insulation, energy use is kept to a minimum saving you money.

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